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Marta Binczyk

Marta Binczyk

Executive Leader

Why am I in DuoLife ?

  • I take full responsibility for my life and health.
  • I develop my own business without barriers.
  • It brings stability to 3 most important areas of my life, such as: HEALTH, DEVELOPMENT and FINANCE.

My personal message

Be the best version of yourself...

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My favorite products

DuoLife Collagen enriched with antioxidants helps to keep the skin firm and supple, protecting it against premature ageing and improving the health of your hair and nails. Natural Collagen ensures normal functioning of articular cartilage and bones.

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DuoLife Beauty Care Collagen Face Mask is a restorative overnight face mask with hydrating, firming, and anti-wrinkle properties. The rich formula is based on 12 active ingredients that have moisturising, lifting, soothing, anti-ageing, and nourishing properties. Specially selected ingredients of natural origin improve the oval of the face and give an immediate anti-wrinkle effect.

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